Convert your tablet into a mobile office.

Tablet customizations for business & lifestyle.

Enjoy semi-retirement confidently.

Remotely manage accounting, banking and communications.

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Travel smarter with the right apps.

Manage itinerary, flight changes and data security.

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Organize photos.

Easily master photo shoots, editing and sharing.

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Video Conference.

Easy face-to-face communication.

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Call to schedule a Tech to your home or office!

Why delay? Skirt past the time & frustration of self-learning and customizing your new smartphone and tablet. Get fast, cohesive & seamless service now.

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Basic setup for email accounts, security, font, ring tones, lost device alert, iTunes, music, banking with training.

Basic setup includes everything to make your device run smoother and faster. Locate & organize lost passcodes including Apple ID. Our Techs set up emails, calendar, contacts, apps with shortcuts to organize your smart device. Receive training as needed. Get your personal computers and smart devices, printer and wireless router, car and gadetry sync'd and working. Pick and choose the services YOU need from our vast menu of choices.

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Your smart devices customized.

If you are a realtor, doctor, attorney or busy person--hire a Tech to setup a cloud with security and load powerful apps to speed up transactions, stay ahead of competitors, market your profession, stay in touch with staff. Get your staff trained! We offer group sessions.

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Take your office with you.

A mobile office is installed with security features and training. Our Techs implement a system where files from your desktop can auto load into a secure cloud giving you access to download from your tablet. Download contracts for your customers to sign and then email copies to all parties. Edit documents from your tablet using your word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software. Enhance marketing efforts by harnessing the power of your contacts. Learn to film customer testimonials and upload to YouTube. And, so much more!

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Bundle Offers

Take advantage of bundle offers by signing up for our coupons offered through emails and texts. Please call to discuss your needs and receive a free estimate. Call us at (855) 523-5542 or (855) 5-CELL-HELP!

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SetupMyCell™ will send a live tech to your home or office for one-stop tablet & smartphone, PC, printer, wireless router setup and training! If you want to skirt past the frustrating tech maze, call in an expert! We not only offer expert setup services, but we quickly locate and organize lost email passcodes, app passcodes, fix email glitches, sync iOS with Android, PC and Mac. Get expert help for upgrades-–our Techs make it easy! Call us today! (855) 523-5543 or (855) 5-CELL-HELP!