Onsite Help for Smartphones, tablets, PCs; Our Techs go to you! Servicing LA OC counties.

Your time is better spent focusing on your work. The cost benefit of hiring a tech to handle your configurations and training more than pays for itself. Set Up My Cell, Inc., based in Long Beach, California, was created for busy people like you. Mastering cell phones for your important work helps you become more organized than ever before.  We service Los Angeles and Orange counties and other locations by special arrangement.

Services to Consider:

  • Auto-Sync Email Accounts, Contacts and Calendars To Mobile and PC/Mac Devices

  • Basic Tune Up

  • Bluetooth Setup and Instruction

  • Cloud Service

  • Password Key

  • WiFi/SD Instruction

  • To use apps of your choice

  • Communicate with family, friends, and colleagues using FaceTime, Skype video calling, other

  • Camera management

Billing and Payment:

  • Minimum one hour.

  • Subsequent hours billed in 10-minute increments.

  • Tech leads you through an Easy 1 2 3 process.

  • Tech helps to select apps best suited for YOU.

  • Tech works quickly to ensure your time is fully utilized.

  • Tech works with beginning to advanced levels.

  • Appointment is specific to your level and needs.

  • Optional free remote service to locate lost devices.

  • Optional security settings adjusted–with training.

  • Price does not include cost of apps (credit card may be required to purchase apps; most are nominally priced or free).

  • Payment due at end of session.

  • We accept Visa or Mastercard.

  • Electronic receipt mailed on-the-spot.

  • You can request the same Tech or a new Tech for subsequent appointments.

Our goal is to have your phone configured and loaded with useful apps and to teach you to use your equipment proficiently. Techs will configure your cell quickly and efficiently. Training to use your phone & apps is recommended for balance of the minimum hour.