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SetupMyCell™ is the service to call after you buy a smartphone and tablet. One of our experienced staff will drive to your location for seamless integration of all your technology: smartphone, tablet, WiFi, printer, laptops, computers, car & earbud Bluetooth. We advise on the best apps for your lifestyle and business, and train, too!

At your location appointments are superior, and here’s whyMost smartphone and tablet problems are connected to the home or office. If the wireless isn’t working, you’re experiencing email and app-loading glitches, running out of memory, can’t remember your Apple ID and passcode, lost all your passcodes, Wifi and printer won’t connect–who are you going to call? It is very difficult to haul into a cell store your laptops, computer towers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (car and earbud). And, it would take hours for a semi-experienced cell-store salesperson to give you quality tech support. It’s a real show stopper!

This brings us to the next point. Nearly every American adult owns some kind of non-smart cell phone–yet A CELL PHONE TECH SUPPORT INDUSTRY WAS NEVER BORN! How can this be? To date, 85% OF CELL STORES HAVE LEFT IT TO THE CONSUMER TO FIND THEIR OWN TECH SUPPORT BUT THERE ISN’T ANY! Well, not enough to support 85% of the consumers. Sure, the store will set up fonts, sounds and email if you have the passcode…but that’s about it. Apple has long lines and limited time is sold. Some sellers have corporate classes. So where do consumers go for help? They’ve turned to relatives, gone back to the cell store, viewed how-to videos and spent hours in trial and error. They live with nagging glitches and their syncs are fractious, possibly compromising their new device. The consumer is frustrated, fearful of security breaches, and of making the high investment in a smartphone just to use it as a phone. Let the numbers talk —

Believe it or not, only 68% of Americans have upgraded to smartphones(!) and 45% are using tablets. Here is something interesting – 58% of Baby Boomers age 50 to 64 use smartphones. Compare that to 85% usage by people age 18 to 49. And, of only 30% of the age group 65+ have smartphones (Source: Pew Internet Research 2015). Why such slow adoption of smart technology? We think it is because people want tech support and training.

Consumers don’t know what they don’t know so making the investment in training has been a barrier to purchasing. The dag-blasted smart device was expensive enough! I have to invest in training, too?

Yes, here’s whyThe Internet of Things (IoT is the reference for which you should become familiar) is the future. IoT will be in cars, homes, street lights, cities and all kinds of handy home, personal-use and medical gadgetry. “The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data,” (Source: Wikipedia) You need to adopt a smartphone and learn now so you can grow with technology.

About SetupMyCell™ — We go to your home and office because that’s where you need help. It’s an investment in your future and it pays off in dividends to stay modern, employable; save money with smarter purchases, not to mention the gas savings using GPS by averting wrong turns. Smart devices will be a large roll in reducing Global Warming by cutting down on transportation as more companies allow employees to work from home.

We can do the techie stuff and then train you to use your device proficiently.

Email and app-loading glitches, running out of memory, and inability to sync calendar/email and contacts between different platforms are real show stoppers.

SetupMyCell™ is the fastest, least frustrating and most economical way to join the ranks of the tech-savvy with our smartphone training!

Remaining stagnant in technology comes at a greater cost than investing in a few sessions with a SetupMyCell™ Tech.

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